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A Take On Silver-screen Favorites Wigging Up To Perfection
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Wondering how the locks hide so well behind the veils of hairy fibres we know as wigs? Well, celebrity wigs give you just the right look, favorable enough to make the hairstyle look like original hair and giving the wearer the required confidence to sport the look with ease. It is easy to spot wigs these days right from the Red Carpet to onscreen movies and off-screen events. These accessories have somehow become the part and parcel of trending celeb lives.

First, Let’s Talk About The Ones Currently Making The News:

Recently it is seen that most of the celebrities sporting short haircuts tend to wear wigs on screen. For example, Hollywood star Michelle Williams who adorns beautiful pixie hair will be seen wearing wigs in two of her upcoming movies which are Venom and I Feel Pretty.

One thing that is making headlines these days is regarding the ‘necessity’ of her wearing wigs for her roles which score a 9/10 in her past 10 movies. Michelle’s original haircut is something akin to perfection and sin but seeing that the Hollywood and its audience somehow always prefer female leads with long hairs, a star wearing wigs for almost all of her movies is bound to create a controversy of its own. She can be seen wearing expensive wigs that give her the required Hollywood touch in both the movies.

•Movie Requirements:

Quite reverse of the situation is seen when actresses shun their hair to adapt to a role and its requirements than making use of short wigs but nonetheless, the glam world is all about fitting in right in, though situations like these surely make them stand out. It’s all about go big or home, and these beauties aren’t about to leave the cine field yet.

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•Personal Choice:

Ginnifer Goodwin is another celebrity who reportedly even has a ‘wig clause’ in her contracts just so to facilitate and advocate her love towards short hairstyle. Looks like wig is making it to the legal papers these days.

•Stylist Speaks:

When celebrity stylists were questioned about how and why an actress is asked to sport a wig they clarify that even though it is true that the actresses are groomed to look pretty and admirable there also is an effort to prevent the actress from looking fake per se. Certain characters, time periods, and situations demand the use of colourful wigs and hence the same is used on the actors with the goal of doing justice to the character.

At times it so happens that one cannot even recognize whether an actress is wearing a wig or not and all thanks goes to lace front wigs that make it possible for stylists to give the next to natural look to the celebs. Kim Kardashian has been setting major wig...Read More


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